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“Want more influence at work, at home, wherever? Study and apply.”
  -Stephen R. Covey 
So, What is Maximum Influence All About?
Maximum Influence: The 12 Laws of Power Persuasion is not just another book on Influence, mind control or sales.
It is NOT about closing people with a clever phrase.
-Yet this science of influence will dramatically increase your close rate.
It is NOT about getting more customers.
- Yet these secrets will have people begging to do business with you.
It is NOT about becoming a great leader
- Yet these new techniques will get others to want to do what you want them to do and like doing it.
Maximum Influence is A SHORTCUT to your success!
Low sales, more NO’s than YES’s or no repeat customers are symptoms of a much greater problem that usually gets blamed on the market, the economy, lead generation or other people. The good news it is much easier to fix than you think. Maximum Influence will reveal cutting edge influence techniques that will increase your income and enable you to persuade on command. Did you know the average persuader only uses 4-5 persuasion techniques? There are over 100 different persuasion tools you can learn and master. Finally, it’s all here in one BOOK–Maximum Influence!

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“This is a great book! It shows you how to immediately influence and persuade other people in every aspect of your life!” Brian Tracy - Author Maximum Achievement
“A terrific read and a sure-fire way to improve and enhance your powers of persuasion. This easy-to-read book reveals how you can change minds, influence others and reach your ultimate goals!” Larry King - Host CNN
"This book magnifies your inherent ability to persuade.”
-Mark Victor Hansen - Creator
Chicken Soup For The Soul
Introducing Maximum Influence  
The system to create wealth, persuade with power, lead without effort and close more sales. This information is literally the difference between knowing what you want– and getting it, anytime, anyplace, from anybody. 
Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given For FREE...
  • Looking to increase your sales by increasing your close rates? Don’t! Read this book instead and you’ll discover how 2 opening techniques have people closed before you even finish your presentation… pg 7
  • The FIRST thing I tell all of my new corporate clients to get them to instantly increase sales… PLUS: you’ll get to peak behind the scenes to find out what one word increases compliance by 33%. (HINT: It is not what your think.) pg 114
  • How 1 common blunder (you were taught) has cost you money, time, respect and if not corrected your future business will fail…. And will repel wealth and success. Pg 11
  •  A “predictable” influence method that power persuaders have been using for YEARS to sell BILLIONS of dollars in products and services… (This process not only works face-to-face, but also online.) pg 163
  • HOW to overcome the 5 major OBJECTIONS that have plagued persuaders for decades. Discover a EASIER AND FASTER ‘secret’ approach to EFFORTLESSLY solve objections before they happen. Pg 217
  • My 4 step approach to Effortlessly build rapport and trust with any personality type…and discover the fundamental difference between a average persuader and a power persuader. (HINT: It is doing the opposite of what you were taught...) – pg 33
  • My 'secret' 4R’S OF RESISTANCE formula technique that is used to turn poor persuaders into cash pulling CHARISMATIC CLOSERS that have prospects begging to do business.... (SIDENOTE: I typically only reveal this formula at my $3000 Bootcamps because it's worth that AND MORE! You get it instantly when you pick up this low cost book.) – pg 86
  • How to charge MORE for your product or service by eliminating price resistance. If you are struggling to get customers and clients then you are going to LOVE this one simple technique and NEVER be told “it’s too expensive” AGAIN pg 175
  • Using SUBCONSCIOUS STEALTH Influence is literally the difference between mediocrity and MASSIVE SUCCESS.  Pg 19 
  • Peak behind the brain of your prospect and KNOW exactly what the person you want to persuade is thinking and feeling. If your business is struggling – GET INSTANT RESULTS by using their subconscious mind to work for you, not against you. Pg 20
  • How to implement the little used NLP technique known as PRESUPPOSITIONS to increase your profits by as much 1,00%... (This technique is so powerful that some want it out banned...) - pg. 11
  • My IPESA method - AKA: The 5 Building Blocks to guarantee persuasion and increase customers... if you can breathe then you can build a 7 figure sales INCOME... pg 204
  • My EASY TOOLS for getting people to persuade themselves for your most expensive products and services.. pg 220
  • The single factor that took me from being broke to over $1,000,000/year in sales in less than 6 months... pg 210
Barbara Sturm - Chiropractor
"How can it really be THAT easy? And how have I missed it all this time?” That’s what I kept saying to myself when I first began to study Kurt’s intensive work in Maximum Influence. Ok, truth be told, I was also a little miffed that his work wasn’t a pre-requisite in graduating from chiropractic college as a potential business owner too. I was astonished as to the minor shifts that I quickly made and how much
revenue those shifts were generating in my business. Persuasion is definitely one of our greatest tools!!!"
Steven Waters - Trainer/Author
"Kurt Mortensen is an incredible person. I’m convinced that few have thought as long and hard about the principals of persuasion, motivation, and influence as he has. His insight and knowledge of success is matched by none. In fact, I can trace much of my success back to the insight and guidance of Kurt. His techniques have helped me sell thousands of my books and generate millions of dollars in revenue. I consider what I’ve learned from Kurt to be one of my greatest assets. He’s transformed my life!”
Judd Simpson - Corporate Sales
"Kurt Mortensen is in the business of changing people's lives. His definite goal is to help his students achieve better and bigger things through the power of persuasion. He has helped me to double my sales since I've studied his books. You're awesome Kurt. Thank you for the skills you have taught me."
Diana Samuelson - Entrepreneur
"Maximum Influence is a multi-faceted approach to your life. It hits on everything from influence,
charisma, self-persuasion, presentation skills, negotiation, marketing and sales. Thanks for making a GREAT program. Maximum Influence is worth every penny. Thanks again"
Gavin Poulton - Sales
Thanks to the skills I learned from Maximum Influence I increased my income by 10 times, in a three month period. I have learned how to become much more charismatic and confident in my persuasion skills, as a result I have become Magnetic.
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2. I’m on a mission to help people persuade with power. Remember the average persuader only uses 4-5 persuasion techniques? 

There are over 100 different persuasion tools in this book you can learn and master.

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